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  1. Good Day Professional Inspectors. The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors are seeking applications for Board Member Positions. Independent inspectors are welcome and encouraged to apply. The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors is an independent not-for-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Illinois and tax exempt under IRS guideline 501c(6). It serves the public interest by establishing the standard of competence for the home inspection profession. EBPHI governs and administers the National Home Inspector Examination specifically to
  2. Good morning, The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors ®️(EBPHI) is looking for new Directors. The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors®️ (EBPHI) is an independent not-for-profit organization whose mission is to establish the standard of competence for home inspectors and to enhance consumer confidence in home inspection professionals. EBPHI, founded in 1999, maintains and administers the National Home Inspector Examination®️ (NHIE), a content-valid examination for use by regulatory bodies in assessing competency for regulatory purposes. EBPHI Boar
  3. Greetings, I recall that several years ago the Flat Glass Manufacturers and code writing folks were trying to develop standards for installation and fastening of glass surrounds in showers/tubs. It is my understanding these standards never made it to the latest additions to the building codes. Comment. In my market, we are seeing larger and large walk in showers. With and without doors. Some of this glass is huge, six feet tall by eight foot in length. Might be mounted to the wall with two brackets, but none on the threshold/sill/step other than silicone. Need some help findin
  4. We like caulk and flexible flashing tape! Charles Click to Enlarge 58.45 KB
  5. I know time has passed, but it is possible to repair a brick veneer wall from the inside when client wishes to not remove brick. Expensive and time consuming and can lead to future discover and ever increasing cost. Repairs involves supporting existing floor and roof above. Removal of exiting wall. Building a new framed wall with sheathing (ZipWall) (Huber Engineering). Fastening/anchoring per plan. Using special fasteners to tie in existing brick to new wall framing. Charles Click to Enlarge 105.9 KB Click to Enlarge 36.85 KB
  6. Charles


    We prefer even lower costs bidets. Charles Click to Enlarge 23.16 KB
  7. Good morning. I have a client that has a new home who is now starting to paint interior walls new paint colors. Upon painting several rooms, bubbles have occurred. It appears that the new paint activated the original builders paint at the joint compound on the drywall and bubbled/peeled due to improper preparation. Beneath the paint bubbles the joint compound was/is dusty. New home painters in production building here in Jacksonville typically spray the field and cut in with a brush; trim, casings, and ceilings. No primer is applied. Does this appear to be a correc
  8. My bet is on connecting a hose to flush out the in-ground drains of debris. Might be easier than jamming the hose down the downspout from the gutter/roof above. I know I have to flush the leafy matter out of my drains on a periodic basis. what was on the end of the hose behind the downspout (male-outlet or female-inlet end)? Charles
  9. Good morning. Guidance please. First one I have seen. International Comfort Products. 2-1/2 Ton. Condensing unit MFD 2013. Labeled R22. Air handler MFD 2014. Labeled R410. I know that R410 systems run at a much higher pressure and use different metering devices than R22 systems and replacing an old R22 condensing unit requires an air handler replacement because of these pressure differences. But what about the opposite. Can a R410 air handler work with R22 refrigerant? I recommended that the buyer consult with an HVAC contractor to ensure proper matching and to al
  10. In our area, NE Florida, we have tons of wood frame stucco homes. Many have significant water intrusion issues. Below you will find comments that we use in my company on every wood frame stucco house. I don't believe that a couple of sentences can address the risk with stucco, or at a minimum, relaying to a home buyer the limitations of our inspections. "This is a wood frame home with a hard coat stucco type finish (we are unable to determine the thickness and number of layers during a visual home inspection). It appears that the home has a mechanically attached lathing, cement base coat
  11. Hilti makes concrete anchors of all types. https://www.us.hilti.com/anchors Charles
  12. Your tree stump dilemma brings back a bad/yet pleasant memory. Living in Florida we always worry about windstorms and trees. Well the inevitable happened and a large oak in my front yard broke apart and fell on my roof. Luckily no structural damage but the branches poked about seven holes in the roof deck. During the storm I was on the roof with a chain saw, wife on the ground with a flashlight while I cut and removed branches and covered the roof to minimize water damage. Well, what to do about the stump and palmetto bushes that surrounded the tree? We cut the tree stump off at the
  13. Sure looks like subterranean termite treatment holes. Where is your finished floor in relationship to the holes? Charles
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