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Odd Device on Steam Boiler

Neal Lewis

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I ran across this unusual device on a steam boiler. The first time I've seen one, and we have a lot of steamers here in NJ.

That's because they're typically only installed on vapor or vacuum systems. It's one of the components an inspector will find to help identify it as a vapor system.
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About a year and a half ago, I ran across a somewhat similar device that I'd never seen before. As luck would have it, the buyer spotted it first and asked what it was. "Uh, I dunno. I've never seen anything like it" I admitted. "I'll have to research it." He then pulled out his cell phone, Googled it and in less than a minute we were reading this

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Yeah, you're right Bill. I forgot to include that. And it was a two pipe system, also.

BTW, the owner was telling me that she took a class on steam heat. She knows when to stop adding water when the pressure guage goes up to 5 psi. I wonder who taught the class.

Yesterday an owner of a steam system told me his plumber said it's not necessaryto drain water from the base of the boiler (only the LWC). And it's a closed system, so there's not much rust/corrosion going on!

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Why wouldn't someone want to drain the sill cock on a boiler? What is the bad thing that could result?

BTW, I've only ever seen one of these, and I see a fair number of steam systems. Good pics.

I found this to be interesting and helpful in understanding a few things.

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