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termite inspectors

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Hi, I am new and have tryed to look up my question elsewhere, but I thought someone here might be able to help me. I am a General Contractor doing work in California. My question is about Termite control inspectors giving bids for doing structural work after finding dry rot. I thought that they could only give bids for other companies, but not there own and not do the work themselves. I would think you would need to be a licensed contractor to do the work in the first place and then I would think it would be a conflict of interest when it came time to re-inspect by the same person that did the work. Does anyone know if this is ok, I have tryed to look it up on the internet, but can't find where it says what work they can and can'not do.Thanks and sorry if I posted this in the wrong area.

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Must go by state or local jurisdiction. Termite inspectors here in Maryland can make repairs if they have a contractor's (Maryland Home Improvement Contractor or MHIC) license. Thankfully, home inspector's can't do any work on a home they have inspected for at least one year, or we would be in trouble. We had one inspector here who was referring mold remediation to a company that was owned by his wife, but that ended real quickly when the Attorney General got involved.

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