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  1. It all goes back to the designer/Architect, not detailing their drawings. The tradesmen are there at different times, and while they may see things to interpret, they don't see things the way WE do. Hind site is easy. That's why I always blame it on the biggest hind. The BROKER[:-bigeyes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. I a Blatz just a combination of a Bud and Pabst, Not to go off subject, but Blatz is more interesting. Seen one mouse poop, seen em all!
  3. Yeah, well he's young and the only thing on his mind that has to do with surges has to do with liquid. If they asked him the name of the surge protectors I am sure he would have said, "Trojan Dude"? What? UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHDude?
  4. I may be dilusional here but, If you have full clearance to add a temporary support inside of the exterior wall, could you not do the entire section at the same time? I agree with the 4 foot rule as I have done that but only with slab on grade. How do we know this is not a crawlspace or basement
  5. I would be resupporting the entire wall from the inside and planning on installing a proper foundation wall WITH a footing. Why would you go to all the trouble of digging it all up and not fixing it right?
  6. All those things and Dragon Naturally Speaking Digital thermometer Mirror Golf ball Golf club shaft with spike glued in the end Recorder water pressure gauge carbon monoxide detector CHAPSTIK, LOTS OF CHAPSTIK for your lips from all the _ss kissing you will have to be doing down at your local Real Estate office[]
  7. Do you think they went to confession Before, or after.
  8. sounds like you need a lawyer if you have a lease it provides you with alternative living options at his expense oh wait, there's your landlord[:-monkeyd
  9. call the local building department, the state licensing office and other Termite contractors for info. Someone will spill the beans
  10. beat it up, that's your job!! f the code and district regs
  11. Must have been nice to get back into a nice quite crawl space after that shindig[]
  12. looks like stems to me, i would have to ask the listing broker if they honestly think the house was made ready for inspection and when they said YES!!! I would have said, Well, where are the papers. How can I inspect without papers. papers from the health departments of course, indicating the house is safe to enter[][][]
  13. looks like the mother in law suite
  14. I agree, Nothing holds up better, but that's why it's no good, it's too good. Who wants to sell siding that never requires replacement.
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