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  1. Jim, those are some interesting specifications for single pipe. That pipe alone should be easily able to serve the furnace alone, as would another single pipe like that for a direct vent water heater. Do you know what the logic is in making a single source have to be so much larger?
  2. Smart-ass question: How does the furnace know to only pull the air from outside and not from the closet? More serious question: Is this an AHJ accepted thing in your area?
  3. Greetings fellow inspectors, I've met a great couple near me who are passionate and good at marketing and have a "Marketing Department in a Box" package that I going to subscribe to. I'm great at inspecting but my technical writing is not what is going to get me business. I am hiring out my social media content to them - because that's what they do. The deal is that they will be supplying the social media posts and content for some web pages, I will be doing the posting, the email mail outs and other 'grunt' stuff that I have time for and the skill set to accomplish - this also means that I will able to see (and thereby control) any content before it goes out. When things get back to "normal", I will consider paying for everything... the social media posting, the emails and other marketing as well. This package/service has nothing to do with advertising or pay per click. Why am I telling you this? Because they and I are part of a networking group, they have offered me a deal. If I can find 7 other independent inspectors in different geographic areas, we can each get the content package for $195/month. They will write somewhat different content for each company so that it is not copy an paste across the interweb, and of course tailor it to our individual companies, areas and service offerings. There is no set-up fee. You'll get an initial set-up meeting and again every couple of months. I have never left a discussion with them and not felt like I had learned a tremendous amount. They are Richard Bueckert and Melody Grant. Their company Railgun Marketing operates of Canmore, AB. I won't drop a link, You know how to Google. Feel free to reach out to me, or contact them directly for more information. I've got one other inspector in Alberta lined up so far but I think this has tremendous potential to get started now and be in full operation by the time we get to go out and do some more business!
  4. Best advice I ever heard from a mold remediation expert is: "If you have less than 32 sq ft of mold (that's a whole sheet of plywood), don't call me; you can deal with a little bit of mold on your own."
  5. I wish my crystal ball worked so I could understand "Why?".....
  6. How goes work on this great idea? I suspect it would be a best seller. 😄
  7. I like it. Inspired even! Thanks for sharing
  8. Two posts about an 1975 Airco AH-130 furnace in Edmonton - first in Nov 2019 and now Feb 2020. The second sounds like an AI re-write of the first: "Ramona's" other post is another re-write, this time of a Bill Kibbel post in Plumbing.... WHY??
  9. Home was built (completed in 1972) and the furnace has a 1971 manufacturing date stamp, I built the 'filter' hasn't been changed since then!
  10. The humidifier is probably a 1971 installation and as overdue for replacement as the furnace. It's the first of its configuration I have seen. What is the purpose of the upright cylinder?
  11. Inspecting just a bit to the south (Calgary), I can tell you that I have seen many many new high efficiency furnaces that have been operating for almost two decades already. Admittedly things have change since the first iteration of furnaces were put on the market, one of the most significant being installers learned they needed to read the new instructions because things were different! There's lots of competent companies out there. Find one that has been in business since before these economic doldrums and has a proven track record. They won't install a garbage unit and they'll do it right. If you don't trust them, get a third party inspection after install before you make payment.
  12. All right, as a Canadian who has only seen systems like this one, I'll bite.Why are the fan location and termination location problematic for you?
  13. Good catch Mark.... Is it safe to paint single wall vent piping?
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