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  1. I like it. Inspired even! Thanks for sharing
  2. Two posts about an 1975 Airco AH-130 furnace in Edmonton - first in Nov 2019 and now Feb 2020. The second sounds like an AI re-write of the first: "Ramona's" other post is another re-write, this time of a Bill Kibbel post in Plumbing.... WHY??
  3. Home was built (completed in 1972) and the furnace has a 1971 manufacturing date stamp, I built the 'filter' hasn't been changed since then!
  4. The humidifier is probably a 1971 installation and as overdue for replacement as the furnace. It's the first of its configuration I have seen. What is the purpose of the upright cylinder?
  5. Inspecting just a bit to the south (Calgary), I can tell you that I have seen many many new high efficiency furnaces that have been operating for almost two decades already. Admittedly things have change since the first iteration of furnaces were put on the market, one of the most significant being installers learned they needed to read the new instructions because things were different! There's lots of competent companies out there. Find one that has been in business since before these economic doldrums and has a proven track record. They won't install a garbage unit and they'll do it right. If you don't trust them, get a third party inspection after install before you make payment.
  6. All right, as a Canadian who has only seen systems like this one, I'll bite.Why are the fan location and termination location problematic for you?
  7. Good catch Mark.... Is it safe to paint single wall vent piping?
  8. This has been a most enlightening thread! Glad you got it working!
  9. Plastic barbed hose fittings ( I believe they are PVC) rated for around 75C and 75 PSI. Didn't insert the elbow fully. But look at how awesome that pipe coming through the floor looks!
  10. The CDC and other sources recommend tempering the water at the point of use. Here, the tempering valves are typically located in the master bathroom and protect the bathrooms only, with no tempered water at the kitchen. There are always compromises in a home. I think a little money for safety is a good thing.
  11. Our province has education departments in each of the universities. In only one university one, you have to successfully complete a practicum course that actually puts you in a real classroom (acting somewhat like a teacher's aide), before you are allowed to join the faculty of Education and begin the path towards becoming a teacher: The other universities teach you you for four years and then throw you out into the teaching world. The different percentage of graduates from each the different schools that are still teaching after just two years reveals the logic of exposing university students to primary school students and classrooms, before the University invests in the student, and before the student invests the time and money in a career that doesn't match their perceived or remembered idea of what a teacher is/does. Do ride alongs / job shadowing before you commit to the glossy school brochures and promises.
  12. I've been in some ugly crawlspaces and always exit promising myself I will buy a krawl tractor. I've done some pretty bendy moves to get into and/or crawl through an attic. My knees have not always been happy with me, but I've never needed yoga to improve my flexibility. I never miss the chance to get up on a roof when its safe to do so, and would never consider the roof inspected if I hadn't touched it with my own hands. They don't yet have a drone that can lift up the shingles and see the nailing pattern. I commend you on your pursuit of training, ride-alongs and a mentor.
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