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  1. ejager

    flashlight bulbs

    I had an aunt who was so frugal, that when we cleared the table after dinner, we were not allowed to stack the dishes...... because then we had to wash both sides.
  2. ejager

    Wacky Roof Shingles

    Somewhere, a village is missing a "dear citizen who needs special help".
  3. ejager

    New roof raised in areas

    I'm a little late to the discussion, but failure to leave spaces between the OSB sheets may result in buckling. Panel spacing is an APA RECOMMENDATION, to provide installers with a means of minimizing the potential for panel buckling; however, it is not a requirement. Some manufacturers may require a space at the time of installation. Panel buckling may be an aesthetic or serviceability issue but is not a structural deficiency. (http://www.apawood.org/buildertips/pages/M300.html)
  4. I don't usually have my DSLR, but through a combination of errors (that are now prevented with multiple identical cameras and multiple batteries and a charger that stays in the vehicle), ended up having to use it for the inspection that day.
  5. I like Mike's work and was inspired to share.
  6. ejager

    De facto structural element?

    Is there a possibility that the incorrect type of expanding foam led to this amount of distortion? Vinyl frames are not all that rigid....
  7. ejager

    Rust Stains on Vinyl Siding

    If that's bleed through (which I doubt), it would be nails from the sheathing bleeding though the WRB as well as the siding as there wouldn't be nails in those locations to secure the siding... so not likely... It is interesting that the marks are aligned vertically - was the siding staggered? (to rule out some contaminant in the box pre-installation)
  8. ejager

    14-3 wire...three breakers

    Thanks Marc, There's no doubt that there is other stuff going on. The first electrician ran a 14/3 to the garbage disposal - the second electrician secured both the red and black conductors to a single breaker. I have to go back and double check. I suspect that you are right about the black and white (taped) being one circuit. There was no room to stand directly in front of the panel so I tried to do indirect observation via camera as well. I took a few shots but can't trace the wires though I was pretty sure about the 14/3 arrangement.
  9. Good evening brain trust! Been a while since I posted a question here. In the aux electrical panel I observed a 14/3 wire where the black and red wires were connected to adjacent 15 amp breakers and the white wire was wrapped in black tape and connected to the adjacent 20 amp breaker. The house is about one year occupied and somewhere between three and four years old (from date of initial construction). Unfortunately, there was no labeling for this panel, beyond the one piece of cardboard for the elec floor heating wires (that go) to the two lower breakers. Thoughts? Click to Enlarge 67.51 KB
  10. ejager

    Dangerous deck

    Why do people hire experts and then disregard all the advice they paid for and the stuff they got as a bonus? Any thoughts on what liabilities would be if you had not 'looked around the corner' and seen the condition of the deck? I hope we are all using good contracts when we are doing 'targeted or focused' inspections and list specifically what we will be looking at and the exclusions.
  11. ejager

    Electrical feed to AC compressor

    Its really nice to see them supported like that. Cuts down on damage from the weed whipper and little 'Fluffy'. Occasionally still some damage from Great Danes...
  12. I feel for this guy, having a job and having second full time job repairing a 'newly renovated' house. Some of the things trouble me; continually finding more electrical problems, more HVAC problems after significant work done. At one point do you strip it to the framing and ensure that all troubles are found, all new work is up to par. How does HVAC work get 'redone' yet the dining room still has no heat?
  13. ejager

    Cat IV Vertical 2 Pipe Venting

    I'll right, I'll bite. Why are there three pipes? They tried a few vertical installations in my area but it they always seemed to have problems. Could be the long runs from the basement up through two floors and then an attic. Bigger vent piping didn't overcome the problems. In the extreme cases, the 'open concept' plans presented by architects never included a chimney chase and so the HVAC installers always had multiple jogs and horizontal runs as well.
  14. ejager

    Stucco cracking

    Looking at this as a learning opportunity: How did you determine this was three coat stucco? What would have been your response to these cracks if it was EIFS? Thanks in advance. This site is a constant source of great information.
  15. ejager

    A what is it question.

    Oddly enough, the splashing is the worst at the very beginning. After there's an inch or two of water in the tub, there isn't so much. When I first started filling the tub in the picture, the water splashed over the glass partition and down to the kitchen below. I imagine that the splash coming off the person under the shower would spread quite far.