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  1. Jim: My apologies if I came across as better than, or even in the same league, as you. As someone who has been reading these pages for over 14 years (but a participant for only 11), I have learned to add "Katen" to any Google search when trying to verify anything for my own knowledge and home inspection reports. Your battles here with (someone now banned I believe ) were epic! More than once I have been the beneficiary of your "efficient use of language" in correcting both my questions and my understanding. And for that I am grateful. I will not apologize however, for pointing o
  2. Thread-drift: This is an inspection guide (which was certainly written and edited by committee) with repair instructions?
  3. $400 is less than the cost of one inspection and you'll be using it every working day for the foreseable future - don't skimp on your tools.
  4. Jim, while I love that you speak with deserved conviction and share your knowledge freely, when you slip into sarcasm, we don't get to see the best side of you. Admittedly, it can be more than a little tiresome when yet another tenant shows up on this home inspection forum looking for back-up in a fight with a landlord but although not everyone understands or respects boundaries, everyone needs a place to live. Maybe when ArVandelay is looking to buy their own place, they can remember the inspectors here treated them with dignity and compassion.
  5. Its great to hear when conclusions are reached. Sorry you had an experience, but grateful you are finding resolution so "quickly".
  6. I have been using telescopic ladders for a quite a few years now and won't be going back to hauling anything else through the house to get into the attic. Works well for most bungalows as well. My back, arms, shoulders, have never complained about my decision. My first one had a single release that allowed the whole thing to collapse back down... I did get nervous about that one and replaced it with one where I have to release every rung separately. I carry a JAWS for two storey homes where I can't straddle the ridge of a lower roof to get up to the second storey. I'm 6'2" and 225 an
  7. Reminded me of tire skid marks... Skateboarders? 🚲
  8. I don't disagree with the sentiment. Can you speak a little more to wrong materials and wrong fasteners?
  9. We've got a switch next to the thermostat that turns on both the bath exhaust fan and the furnace blower motor. The switch in the bathroom won't turn the fan off if this switch turns it on. There is a fresh air intake on the return air system ahead of the furnace. I explain is as the switch you use when the heat and/or humidity levels necessitate an active changing of the air in the home - such as when you are having a house party. Most people seem to get it
  10. Jim, those are some interesting specifications for single pipe. That pipe alone should be easily able to serve the furnace alone, as would another single pipe like that for a direct vent water heater. Do you know what the logic is in making a single source have to be so much larger?
  11. Smart-ass question: How does the furnace know to only pull the air from outside and not from the closet? More serious question: Is this an AHJ accepted thing in your area?
  12. Greetings fellow inspectors, I've met a great couple near me who are passionate and good at marketing and have a "Marketing Department in a Box" package that I going to subscribe to. I'm great at inspecting but my technical writing is not what is going to get me business. I am hiring out my social media content to them - because that's what they do. The deal is that they will be supplying the social media posts and content for some web pages, I will be doing the posting, the email mail outs and other 'grunt' stuff that I have time for and the skill set to accomplish - this also means that
  13. Best advice I ever heard from a mold remediation expert is: "If you have less than 32 sq ft of mold (that's a whole sheet of plywood), don't call me; you can deal with a little bit of mold on your own."
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