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Newly Changed Shims Good or Bad?


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My wife and I just bought a house and our inspector found there were pressboard shims in the foundation in the crawl space. We worked with the seller and the seller paid to have them replaced with hardwood shims. I don't really know if how they changed them is appropriate or not though. We have a few pictures of the new shims here, if you can please tell me if these look okay or if they need to send the contractor back in to correct them.


We really appreciate your help, thanks.




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2 hours ago, Marc said:

A 2" thick solid concrete pad is needed above the celled concrete blocks, then above that, hardwood shims.

I agree that a 2" solid concrete pad should have been installed there. But that plan was screwed when the house was built - there's no room for a 2" pad now. Trying to add one isn't going to be worth the trouble and, in my experience, will just make a mess of things. You'll end up two steps behind where you are now. 

Personally, I'd cut my losses and call it good. 


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A steel plate on top of the column will block termites from tunneling up the inner surfaces of those blocks. If termite blocking is not required by local codes, the owner is not strictly required to do it.

A welding shop can cut a cap to fit and then a short screw jack can lift the weight off the pier for the install.

The more time you spend in the crawlspace, the better.. Rig up a light and lay down some plastic mat or best is a concrete skim coat over poly.

Then go in there once a year, to get the Xmas decorations maybe, and inspect those concrete blocks for termite tubes.

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In our neck of the woods, LVL's require 3" end bearing, sometimes 4-1/2" depending on load - though there are always engineered exemptions.


I suppose its possible that these were NOT end bearing locations, but mid spans in a multiply beam... 

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