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Shower and sink discharge into sump

Ben H

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Is this allowed? This mornings house had a very shady shower and sink in the basement that drained out into the sump, then was pumped into the backyard.

Hey, its KY anything goes! [;)]

No, it is not OK to dump grey water into the backyard.

Caveat.... I have seen washing machines and laundry sinks discharged into the yard or field of homes out in the country, but it is still not kosher. It is a health risk when it comes down to it.

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I could add the reasoning behind banning the practice - contamination of ground water. The sludge runs off into the water supply.

If grey water systems were built to similar standards as septic systems, maybe there'd be no prejudice against them.

The stinkiest ingredient in sewage is the fats and detergents, the grey part.

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