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window gadget?


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New construction. There are plastic devices in the tracks of a few windows in this home. No pattern related to window size as most were the same. Some of the windows that did not have this gadget were difficult to operate. Coincidence? Was this installed to try and open the jambs to make operation easier? With repeated use, I think it may kill the sash tilt/release tabs b/c they slam open when contacting this gadget each time window is operated.

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That is a constant force balance. It works very much like your tape measure and often sounds like one when you operate the window. The coil spring is designed to carry a secific load a fixed distance, a longer distance (taller window) requires a larger spring while a heavier load (a wider window, thicker glass, or triple pane) requires multiple springs working in tandom. I see 3 screws, meaning there are at least 3 springs paired there, and possibly one more since single springs are usually concealed by the sash when the window is closed. Multi spring assemblies must be stacked upwards from the standard single spring location or the sash won't open fully, better quality windows will conceal them with a channel cover. If the tilt latch is clashing with the spring assembly the window is either over shimmed at the sides compromizing the designed clearances or is constructed cheaply with low cost components that where not designed to work together. When cost is the primary design consideration the latter is all to often the case, and given that constant force is the low end to mid grade balance system of choice, it's what I suspect is the case here.

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