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Stance on PB... again


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Hi all,

Just curious again different views on PB.

The installation in question is 10 years old but does have copper crimps and copper fittings.

I did the usual disclosure and info on problems that I had, just wondering if the take is that all is bad and needs replaced.

This was Vanguard brand.


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I have PB in my 14 year old house. It has the copper fittings and I have had no problems. A good number of homes in my area have PB, and the only problems I have seen with it are the homes with the plastic fittings and few of those. As for the pipe itself, I think it all depends on the water in the supply line. Some areas report problems with the pipes and some don't.

When I find PB pipes, I tell my client that it has been associated with problems across the country. I tell them what I have found (leaks, type of fittings) and then I direct them to the Internet to do a search on their own. I can't say that it is all bad, because I have it in my home and I have not had a problem in 14 years.

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