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Water Heater TPR Safety


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Just wanted to post a reminder about the importance of TPR extensions and HI safety during inspections. Two days ago I was setting up my laptop on the kitchen counter preparing for an inspection. The purchaser, my client, was excitedly walking around taking a closer look at her future home. She opened a closet door in a laundry room adjacent to the kitchen and said, "Gee, that's a funny noise." I heard a rumbling and slight hissing coming from her direction. I looked around the corner and saw her standing in front of the water heater with the extensionless TPR about 3' from her face. I ran over, slammed the closet door and nearly dragged her to the next room. The TPR discharged with a loud hiss and rumbling. Steam and water were pouring out from the under the door closet door. The 2 month old water heater was purchased from and installed by one the large home improvement chains. Be careful out there.

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