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  1. No dead bodies yet but I have had a crime scene at a house I inspected. There was finger print dust, police ruler tape, and blood speckles.
  2. I should have mentioned I only had access to the deck from outside. That aside, when the home owner told me his wife fell through one spot and he cracked boards in another, I didn't feel the risk of damaging the deck or myself was worth it. Did you notice the front most stringer is only attached to the treads.
  3. The home owner was surprised that I didn't want to walk on it. He had mentioned that his wife fell through a spot. And he cracked a couple boards in another spot. His wife insists the deck is fine and that a powerwashing will make it look good. Click to Enlarge 187.97 KB Click to Enlarge 192.71 KB Click to Enlarge 193.65 KB
  4. While I understand your sentiments, it's our duty to observe and report. Doing this properly should cover our tails in the process. Anything less, in my opinion, is a disservice to our clients. Let them decide the importance of our findings. Your mileage may vary.
  5. Earlier in the thread, some had mentioned pictures and such for appliances. For me, I take a picture of the plate and I write the information on the back of the 'inspection agreement' that the client signs. That way if the pictures don't turn out, I still have the info written down. Early on, I was burned by the bad pictures that didn't show the model/serial numbers clearly.
  6. From the pic, there are two runs on the bottom of the panel, shouldn't those be in conduit?
  7. Sorry to hear about this! Hope everyone is OK!
  8. St. Louis got about 4 inches overnight. It's falling in Cleveland now, they are supposed to get 7 inches. Soon you will get to play with your new toy...
  9. When pulling a fridge, be careful not to pinch the water line. I had one that was copper and came up through the floor. There was just enough room between the cabinet and the water line for the rear wheel on the fridge.
  10. Way to go! [:-angel] Glad no one was injured!
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