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Wett and wild!

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I have had two phone calls this week regarding Mike Holmes and his statement that all wood stoves and fireplaces must have a WETT inspection by a certified WETT inspector. Wood Energy Technology Transfer = WETT.

I do not watch his program, but one of the callers was my brother-in-law who is a huge Holmes fan. Honestly I have never heard of a WETT Inspector. I did a little google work and learn a little, but would like to engage in a conversation with my Canadian brothers(sisters*).

Do you guys follow this advice?

*Laurel Harris

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No, if there are absolutely no concerns visible, such as a masonry fireplace that doesn't get much use, clean flue, I say they MAY need a WETT inspection, because it may be required by their fire insurance provider.

I guess it is similar to what you call a Level II.

I inspect the interior of the stove or fireplace and take pics down the chimney flues if I can. If I see serious trouble, I warn my client that I don't think it will pass a WETT inspection. Why waste $$$ on it. Fix it first, then get your pass from the WETT guy.

Yesterday's woodstove had creosote buildup and a questionable installation, so I said they definitely need a chimney sweep and a WETT inspection, and possibly an upgrade.

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I believe the insurance companies ask for the WETT certified inspection. I inspect the fireplace or woodburning and include any findings in my report. I do make mention to the clients during the inspection and in writing that I am not a WETT certified inspector and to check with their insurance provider to find out what they require.

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