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Insulation question


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I had a friend call me today with a question on insulation addition. He was doing some remodel work for a couple and they wanted to add insulation to thier attic. He said there is approximately 6 inches of blown fiberglass insulation. He was wondering if there is any reason he can't go back over the existing blown fiberglass with 6 to 8 inches of blown cellulose.

I don't him that I really didn't know but I did know where to go ask. Anybody got any suggestions or thoughts.


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I'll bet he doesn't lose anything significant; the cell will fill in all the gaps that always exist w/ fiberglass & cut down on bypass. I've done this a bunch over the years; works great.

Cellulose compresses on it's owner over the years; that's when you lose the R value by a few points.

And, I freely admit to being a niggling wienerboy for getting this fine tuned.....

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