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No firestop in an old attic

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I see this from time to time in the older houses - a huge chimney chase with an old brick chimney, wide open to the attic.

If you see this in an attic, do you call for firestopping or fireblocking to be added?

Just a verbal suggestion or strong language in the written report?

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This house with a wood lath chimney chase was home to the local fire chief for a few years, back in the 1930's.

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With the age of the home, I typically "suggest" it to my clients. Give them a good verbal explanation as to why it might be important and a quick "suggestion" blurb in the report. Was that chimney even in use?

Thanks, Robert.

The one house has a usable fireplace in the living room. There's no predicting how much use it will get from the new owners. The older place has a coal burning fireplace insert that I said was no longer functional, missing parts, but again there's no predicting what people will do.

Even if the chimney is never used, should the chase be closed off to the attic? It is not really a fire hazard, maybe an unsafe condition?

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