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Roof Material Identification


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At first glance from a distance, this roof appeared to be a really aged thermoplastic type material. Upon closer look, it appeared to be more like a troweled tar that had been painted. The patterns around the plumbing and furnace vent along with the seams approximately 4' apart are the confused me. Thousands of roof inspections and never seen anything like it. Please check out the pics and any information is always appreciated.

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Thanks Richard,

You are right the spacing is 3' apart. I agree with the MB opinion but what threw me off is the surface is completely smooth. What looks like seams the length of the roof and lines around the flashings are not actually seams. They are completely smooth like an outline from a removed material. Where the paint was peeling, I probed the material and it was tar like about an 1/8" thick. Not like MB that is usually resistant to probing and has differential at the seams. Also, all the MB I know of is coated with granules. Thanks again for your input.

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It looks like someone applied a really thick layer of some type of acrylic or urethane roof coating over a modbit or built-up roof and that the protective plastic layer is now failing.

Time for a tear off, deck evaluation and repair and a new cover.



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