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reasons why stucco will leak and crack


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There is a website called www.badstucco.com there you guys/gals will find a lot of pictures of how not to do stucco. There are problems with paperback lath/windows/flashing/housewraps. The pictures were taken in the Kansas City Kansas metro area. It seems to be a GREED driven market. Instead of QUALITY. The homeowners are not aware of what they are getting. The codes people are not doing their job. The builders are keeping the subs beat down on there price and putting the extra money in their pockets.

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Interesting site, I'm assuming it's yours. One thing that would really help is to edit the pictures with arrows and text boxes showing exactly what your looking at and describing the problems.

Some of those pictures were taken from a distance and it's hard to tell exactly what we're suppose to be looking at in the photo.

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