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Those Pesky Programmers!

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Hi All,

Well, yesterday afternoon I came home, sat down to my computer and went to TIJ. I decided to check and see if there were any new members or links that needed approval, clicked on 'admin options' and the screen flashed a few times and suddenly I found myself on NACHI's home page. [:-bigeyes

At first, I thought I'd accidentally clicked on one of my bookmarks, so I clicked the home icon in my browser and ended up there again, and again and again. Then I put the URL in the browser, hit the enter button and ended up there again. [:-censore [:-gnasher

So, now I'm thinking that TIJ's been cracked by someone from the NACHI site as an April Fool's joke, so I called Mike Brown at Devwave to tell him about it so he could fix it and got a phone message. Rats! Then I typed him an email told him what was going on and went and had dinner. [:-boggled

After dinner, I came back in and tried again. Nope, NACHI again. Dammit! I didn't know if it was me or the site, so then I rebooted my computer and deleted all cookies and temporary internet files. Same results. Double rats! [:-weepn]

Now I'm wondering if it has affected everyone or just me. I thought about calling Jimmy or Norm to see if they were affected, but thought, "Nah, better not do that until I hear from Mike Brown." [:-wiltel]

Then I remembered the alternate URL - http://www.TIJOnline.com and tried it. Success! I was on TIJ, everything looked fine and I could navigate around. However, since I'd deleted my cookies the program didn't know who I was. I put in my user name and password, hit logon and Wham, I was at the NACHI site again. [?]

.............Now, wait...just....a...damn...minute........... [:-magnify

Now I'm smelling a rat, 'cuz as an anonymous person I could get around the site fine, but when the program knew it was me it sent me over to NACHI.

The light came on,...it was an April Fool's prank and those pesky programmers must be to blame. I tried to call again, but got that danged answering machine again. Then I sent 'em an email - Something like, Ha, Ha, you got me now fix the damned site!!!. [:-idea]

An hour or two later I finally reached Mike Brown. He tried to act surprised, but I wasn't buying it - he was laughing too damn hard for someone who had nothing to do with it. Finally, he admitted that he'd known about it, but said he wasn't the one who'd done it, which left only one person - Rose Balden.

Rose, good one. You got me good. My hat's off to you. [:-graduat

For about half an hour you guys had me going. If it hadn't been for the fact I'd deleted my cookies and the program hadn't recognized me when I came onto TIJOnline.com, I might still be plotting hiring a hacker to get onto the NACHI site to send all its users to porn sites. [:-banghea

Okay folks, I'm soliciting ideas for revenge against these two. Please email me privately at hausdok@msn.com. We've got a whole year to come up with something really, really good.

Revenge will be MINE!

Bwuhahahahahaha! [:-dev3]



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