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Steven Hockstein

Where is my announcement post?

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I've struggled with it too.

On the left column of the home page, below "Recent Events", click on the button labelled "Add Event".

On that page, click on "Submit an Event to the Event Calendar".

On that page, click on the day of your event.

On this page, choose "Event Submissions - Tell Us About It" from the drop-down menu and click "Go".

Now you can fill out the form and submit. It should appear in the events column and calendar just as soon as one of the editors approves it.

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That is what I did. I have posted announcements in the past and they have appeared in a day or two. For some reason this particular announcement was not posted, even after I attempted to add it a few times over the last month. Does not matter at this point because the event has already occured and fortunately attendance was very good. Just wondering for the future.

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Hi Steve,

If/When you post something like that and it doesn't seem to take, give me a nudge via email and I'll see what I can do to get it done. It's hausdok@msn.com


Thanks Mike.

You feeling any better?

If you mean my hand, yeah, thanks for asking. It's been coming back on it's own very slowly. I've been to a neurologist, had some tests and an MRI and now I'm waiting for the neurologist to analyze the results and get back to me.



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