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New guy introduce here

Harry Potterish

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Hello everyone,

My name is Harry Potterish , a very new guy introducing here. I am very glad to find this forum. I cannot get any introduction thread,but I like this place is suitable to introduce about me so I came here. I am very happy to become a member of this forum. I hope you all will be co-operate me.

Thanks a lot.

Harry Potterish[:-jump2]

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Hi Harry, welcome.

Hey, have you ever heard of something called the Merus ring? This is from a demo on their website:

"The Merus Ring is made out of two halves of a treated alloy. The two halves can easily be installed on the outside of a pipe as a collar.

Once the Merus Ring is installed, it automatically starts to emit different kind of oscillations. As can be seen in the movie, for each problem there is a dedicated oscillation to fight a specific problem. The red oscillation fights rust and corrosion, the black one fights calcium carbonate and other salts, the green one is fighting microbiological problems such as bacteria, algae or bio-fouling."

What do you think of this device Harry? I found a lot of discussions about it though a Google search. I read many opinions that the MERUS ring can't possibly work, the MERUS ring lacks any scientific validity, the MERUS ring is a complete waste of money and even the MERUS ring is a fraud and a swindle. Also, the general consensus seems to be that a person hawking the MERUS ring would be the modern equivalent of snake oil salesman.

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