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The owner of the duplex couldnt figure out why she wasnt getting much airflow to the main floor on her side of duplex.

I explained to her that between all the 6" supply lines cut into the itty bitty plenum on top of her furnace,all the air leaks and the fact more than half of them were over 20" long it was no suprise she was getting no airflow and all the heat was radiating through the single wall pipe making basement nice and warm before anything ever reached the main floor! [:-yuck]

Not to mention the 2 extra 90s and 15' of extra pipe running to her main floor bath.

Once I get the majority of the electrical and plumbing violations dealt with I told her Ill tear out all the 6" and run a trunk line across the basement then do some 6" take offs from there to straighten the situation out for her. [;)]

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