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    Theres been rumors around hvac supply houses for some time now about 410a equipt being phased out in near future. I'd say it has more to do with patents running out than it is out performance of any particular product. MO 99 seems to have been a popular go to around here for a while,especially since we cant get straight r22 from local supply houses anymore.
  2. Have you checked the batteries and thermostat?
  3. Yes that is a bonding bushing,should of been bare copper or some other color besides black though,they should've done a better job of marking that neutral also.
  4. Why is a dryer connected to a 50a recept to begin with? Was the inspection sticker actually for the dryer hookup,or was it hacked together after the inspection was done?
  5. Normally we're required to increase the size of the copper if more than 1 90 is used.
  6. If youre going to all that trouble Id go to your favorite box store and pick up a single handle anti scald faucet(moen being my prefered brand) and install it.
  7. Around here thats considered "funneling",A big no go. Anyway I would have installed the cleanout in the 4" instead of the wye.
  8. Floor registers are designed to be regulated,If the buyer thinks theyre too restrictive or not restrictive enough they can always change them later.
  9. If you pull the plastic cap off the threads I think its some kind of expanding plastic plumbing plug.
  10. I was called out to a job south of omaha many years ago where somebody removed the drip leg from a leaking pop off valve and installed a pipe plug in its place. It went through a wall pushing a giant stand up type piano through a bed room wall,Pieces of the piano were stuck in the wall above the head board. Fortunately it happened during the day when nobody was home. Property management company that had their maintenance guy work on the water heater went belly up a couple years later.
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