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Zep/MC5 Johnny Winter

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The web is awesome.. I actually found the poster for the concert I attended in 1969 at Boston Garden where I saw Led Zeppelin and Johnny Winter....

I ended up opening up for Johnny Winter in a club in Boston many years later.. odd..

I believe this was Zeppelin's 2nd trip to Boston.. In the old Garden.. The 'Gansett Tribal Rock Festival.. " what a bunch of baloney those promoters were into ... Check out the ticket prices.. :)

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Funy, they missed the spelling.

I saw Johnny Winter at Atlanta Pop in '69. He dashed onto the stage and struck the opening notes of Rollin' and Tumblin', when the power failed. A few minutes later the lights came back on, Winter repeated his entry, only to get hit again by outage. The 3rd try he got to play. Zeppelin played the same night there. Tix for three days' music were $13.

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