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You know what kind of morning it will be ......


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They did offer - several times. I have to admit, I wasn't a happy camper at the start. I was mostly pissed at myself because I've stopped sending an email to buyers, asking them to limit the number of people attending.

They all turned out to be very nice people. The buyers were a young couple. Their agent suggested they get an inspection done. It was a short sale on a 13 year old modular. The big problems were piling up when I discovered there was no weather barrier behind the siding. At that point, one of the dad's said the deal was off.

Luckily for them, the radon test, water tests, septic inspection, hydraulic load test and septic pumping hadn't been done and could be cancelled. They ended up writing me a check for only $445 instead of $1,665. They were very appreciative. The dozen or so hangers-on are now a dozen potential referral sources. The morning turned out far different than I had anticipated.

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