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where to get hands on training in washington dc ?

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Hi,and thanks for responding.Property maintenance is what I am getting my certification in. After that I was thinking I should look to work for a local home inspection company or realestate company , i am not really sure but I know I need the hands on training and the stable base that comes with working with a company. I am 23 , so I eventually latter in my life want to have my own company but I need to know what is the best steps to take to get moving in this career.

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Property Maintenance as in the fella who works at the apartment complex and fixes everything or as in a general Handyman who works from the back of his truck?

Most home inspectors are 1 man businesses. Home inspectors generally don't do any maintenance, they simply report all the problems.

Real estate sellers have a list of general handyman they refer but to not maintain a company of handymen.

Can you be more explict in what you want to become?

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