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Window Installation and Stucco


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I have a townhome that I'm doing the phase inspection on. The windows are aluminum framed windows like you might find on a commercial job. They do not have a traditional nailing fin, they are installed with screws through the bottom frame and the side frame.

Here's my problem. I can not find any manufacturers name on the windows. The builder is no help in telling who the manufacturer is. Since these frames set inside the window opening, there is a gap around the frames. The builder has used bitumen type flexible flashing on other windows in this complex. Also Tyvek paper has been used around the rough opening.

Is this a typical installation method for these type of windows? I have the AAMA 2400 standards, but they seem to only cover windows with a nailing flange, not the type of windows that set into the opening. My concern is that the gap between the window frame and the framing will only be covered by Window Wrap flexible flashing, which doesn't seem correct.


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Mike, thanks a million for the illustrations. They helped a lot.

BTW, I've done the first two inspections for my client when he wasn't at the site. He made it this inspection and before I left he handed me a biz card. As usual he just attached it to his paperwork without looking and said my "Goodbye". I knew he worked for NASA but that was about all I knew. Got down the road a ways and looked at it while sitting at a light, it said "Xxxx Xxxx, Astronaut".

"Damn, how cool can that be to have a biz card like that." I thought.

Got home and later last night did a google search on his name. This guy is a Who's Who in Navy Aviation and NASA. Top Gun pilot, Test Pilot, two shuttle flights, one as a commander, time in Russia with the MIR program, etc. The neat thing is you wouldn't know it being around him. Super nice guy and I never heard an ounce of arrogance.

I told my wife if I'd had all those achievements, my head would be so big no one could stand to be around me!!

It's pretty sweet to know you can be of service to someone like this.

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A couple of years ago I inspected a 104 year old craftsman for Dan Wilson a Mariner's catcher. I guess he's supposed to be pretty good and has been with that club a long time and makes some big bucks. Me? I don't follow baseball so I didn't have a clue. He was a very quite unassuming guy with a couple of great kids in tow.



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