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Square D AFCI breakers rated for double taps?

Brandon Whitmore

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http://products.schneider-electric.us/s ... 26800cd66c

The Schneider manual for Homeline AFCI's only shows one conductor for each terminal. I couldn't find any specific language allowing or disallowing a double-tap.

I would call for a repair. It's an indication of careless work, IMO.

How'd you like the weekend work after a week of work? [:)]

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Thank you sir.

I really wanted to pop a breaker to read it, but chose not to. Based on how the breakers looked, I doubt they were designed for 2 conductors. I can't recall ever seeing one double tapped either.

How'd you like the weekend work after a week of work?

It keeps me out of trouble. Most weeks I'm working 7 days, so I've got the wife and child a little upset. It's pretty hard to turn work away after the last several years though.....

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