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Another unclear on concept.

Tom Raymond

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1902 two story single family, the two pipe steam boiler was replaced with a 2009 Dunkirk natural draft hot water boiler, single zone system with 4 loops, 2" iron feeders wrapped in over an inch of asbestos, 2 per floor. All but one of the radiators on the first floor and a couple on the second floor were replaced with these:

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A couple of the baseboard convectors had the original radiator covers over them. This one is the lone original radiator in the dining room:

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For good measure, the tech installed the t-stat in such a way as to guaranty the boiler never shuts off:

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I can imagine this poor little boiler running nonstop for months trying to satisfy the first floor t-stat on jacket loss, while the paint melts off the second floor radiators.

All of the removed radiators had been carried upstairs to the second floor, likely because this is the kind of neighborhood where stuff gets stolen for scrap value.

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