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Two in a row!

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Have you ever just wanted to write a complete report in one statement?

Something like, I urge you to contact a qualified heavy equipment operator and have them advise you of the best option for bulldozing this shack?

Once every couple years, yes. Here's a paragraph from the main body of a recent report that totaled 2 pages.

This is a concrete block framed structure supported by a concrete slab with a wood framed roof/ceiling assembly. I don't know if the slab is supported by a properly constructed foundation and footing but I seriously doubt that it is. It's built without sufficient elevation to prevent rainwater intrusion from the surrounding property grounds. It's dimensions reach to the property lines which means there's no fire separation to adjacent properties. It has a substandard ceiling height and has the appearance of a detached workshop or storage room on steroids. It should be relegated to a detached workshop or storage room. It was most likely built without notification of local code authorities. The Lafayette Parish Tax Assessor's online records makes no mention of it. It is not safe nor even suitable for human habitation.

No HI report of mine in 9 years has ever fit on only one page.


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I did one for a single grandmother taking care of 3 of her grandkids about 2 months ago that was a short-sale. The problem was she called me AFTER she bought the house. Her agent convinced her that an inspection was a waste of money b/c she was going into knowing it needed work. Her "contractor" found raccoons in the attic and she wanted me to asses the damage they had caused.

I gently told her the home may be better off tossing in a grenade while a gas valve was on.

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