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Texas TREC "Proposed" SOP & Report Template

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This is an update to an earlier post of mine about the proposed SOP, Rules and Report Template for the Texas TREC licensed inspectors.

The attached documents are the final DRAFT documents that have been posted at the TREC website for review. These documents and proposal for change will be taken up by the appropriate committees later this summer/fall and acted upon.

I'm sure ... more to come.

All in all the changes in the proposed SOP, Rules and Template are "foward" steps to help simplify one of the most detailed/controlling SOPs that inspectors anywhere have to deal with.

I realize that most of the participants of TIJ don't deal with or really care about the dealings we in Texas have, but it may be of interest to some and I know that there are some other Texas-licensed HI's who participate in this forum.

Proposed SOP:

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Draft_SoP's_535.227-233.pdf

194.49 KB

Proposed Report Form Rules:

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Draft_535.222,_.223.pdf

218.94 KB

Proposed Report Template:

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Draft_REI7-3.pdf

112.93 KB

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