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resin beads in hot water side


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do home inspections "test" or inspect water quality? even visually?

I helped someone move their washer and before hooking up the new hoses to the new washer we flushed them. after many many many flushes I was still getting what looked like a few resin beads from the hot water side, pin head size but big enought to count, she said they had had a filter system for many years that was never used and the beads were in the system due to failure of the bead canisters, I suggested that she try flushing the hot water side using the bath tub faucet due to higher flow rate, maybe her hot water heater is full of them, I wonder about the long term health risk if any as you must be eating or drinking them if you eat or drink anything made with hot water. seems at some point they would go away from flushing but I probably did 30 full flow washer hose flushes, amount reduced but still getting some. she said 3 or so years ago all the solenoids clogged up- washer dishwasher shower head, and a plunber fixed those but must be residual beads are still there.

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