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Arizona burning

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The Cave Creek Complex fire has grown to almost 150,000 acres. Luckily, so far, it's only gotten a few houses, but it's only about 12mi from where about 15,000 homes (including mine) are located.

It got the worlds largest Saguaro cactus (46 ft) which isn't expected to survive. Every morning, for the past week, it smells like a campfire when I wake up. At night we can see the flames from our deck. Fire (actually two that merged) was started by lightning.

Ain't nature a bitch!

http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/fire/cave ... x.html#map

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Every time I see a forest fire burning I have to ask myself why the US Forest Service hasn't figured out how to use a daisy cutter to smother fires. The damned things remove all oxygen from the immediate vicinity fer chrissake!



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The cuncussion will clear an area of all oxygen then it would suck back into the middle. Wouldn't that pretty much eliminate a fire?

We also use line charges on tanks that can be fired. They cast off the front of a tank like a fishing line off a reel. Once the line hits the ground it's detonated. They're used to clear wide swaths through a minefield. Seems like you could create a firebreak that way.

OT - OF!!!


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