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Cost for Sealing Split Block

Mike Lamb

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Doing it "right", grinding, pointing, some misc. repair, then coating with a 7% solution siloxane runs about $20,000 nowadays.

The stuff is expensive.

Lots of yokels spraying magic bean sauce on block for about $7000. It's a 3% solution and it lasts about 1 or 2 years.

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There is no exact square foot cost; there's always repairs, grinding, pointing, and odds and ends. And, there's big variables in material cost and how it's applied. Some guys spray it on really thin, the good guys soak the block twice.

It can figure between $5 and $7 a foot, or as little as $1 - $3 a foot for the crap job.

Mike, what's the average square foot on one of these gigs? They're all different, but if there was an average, I'd guess around 4000-5000sf of wall.

It's a rodeo of weirdness; there's no standards, just a bunch of folks running around calling themselves waterproofing contractors, winging material and bad ideas at stupid buildings.

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