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Nikon CoolPix AW 100 waterproof


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It's ok.

Cons- tendency to blur in low lit conditions. Gotta hold super steady. Not good for the close up on listing plates; I've developed a technique for getting most of them, though.

Pros- Good flash, at least as good as any of the point n shoots. Easy in hand, fits easily in my right leg cargo pocket. "Faster" than optio. Great battery life. Great HD video.

Totally crud, water, impact proof.

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Hi Scott,

I've had one for not quite a year. I have worn out the SD card slot so I have to put a sliver of Post-it note inside to "shim" it. LOL

Like Kurt, I get some blurry pics but have no problem like I did with the retractable lenses freezing up due to grit, etc. It's nice and slim but not too ergonomic when one-handing it and trying to zoom in and out. Macro feature is a nuisance focusing and I can get closer to the nameplate, and a better shot, in standard shooting mode.

None of these Nikon cameras I've owned focus or meter too well when shooting wood in an attic or crawlspace.

Video feature is great. Wearing the white off the buttons. I beat the $hit out of cameras.

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I bought the AW100 and so far I have used in on 4 inspections and I like it. Similar controls as other Coolpix cameras so that made it easy to learn the camera. The battery usage is remarkable, so far I have taken over 200 pictures many with flash and the battery still more power to give.

I too got some blurry pictures but I took it off "Easy Auto" and put it on "Auto" and that made all the difference in the world.

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