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TX TREC Fines Inspector w/expired license

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Another HI out of Spring (near Houston) got fined for $2K or so as he did not make note in his report that the attic access was not sufficient to remove/install a furnace/A-C system.

Mind you this is a "code specific" item and TREC Legal fined him as part of the new Penalty Matrix that we are working under.

TREC Legal did not specifically state the code item, but their verbiage quoted a reference to the TX SOP that has some vague language.

He was also cited for not having formally advised TREC of the name of the company he was doing business as an inspector. Can't just have your name ... you also have to formally advise TREC of the name of your company so they can cross-link and associate.

The Penalty Matrix also allows TREC to fine you for not advising of your current address and contact information and on and on.

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