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Many new and older Condo's here will have a "sub panel" in the unit with the main at one end of the building. (the 'subs' are wired like a sub also, meaning that the grounds and neutrals float)

Does the 6 throw rule apply to the sub panel or only to the system?

I say if the system has at least 1 main breaker we're okay. My other inspector thinks there should be main in the sub panel as well.

Which one is it?

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I do many old multi-occupancy buildings where each units' service equipment (main disconnects) are all located in the basement. Each unit then has a local "sub panel".

I believe the six throw rule only applies to the service equipment, but "each occupant shall have ready access to all overcurrent devices protecting the conductors supplying that occupancy".

Many building owners are unaware of this and do not make the utility room, where the main disconnects are located, accessible to tenants.

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Ditto Bill & Mike; only one throw is fine w/me. Some of the newest buildings have 2 "mains", which is also fine as far as I'm concerned.

My average customer doesn't know what the breakers are, how to operate them, or anything else. It doesn't matter if there's one disconnect or 27; they won't touch the panel regardless 'cause they're scared of electricity.

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