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Monoply Roofing System


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I encountered a roof covering on a 1966 building that I haven't seen before. The covering was applied five years ago and the installers called it Monoply 3PF 1204 on their spec sheet. It looked and felt like I was walking on hard fiberglass. According to the spec sheet a base coat of PC 107 emulsion is sprayed on and a fiber reinforcement sheet is brushed into the emulsion. After it sets another coat of emulsion is applied and chopped fiberglass strands are sprayed on. The final coat is a white reflective coating.

I observed a few narrow cracks in the covering. The photo below shows the overspray on the HVAC unit. I didn't find much on the internet and the local company that installed it is gone. Does anyone have more knowledge about this?


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It's a glass mat roof. A cheap alternative to modbit, epdm or PVC. It's a cheap roof. According to the guys I talked to at Jorve roofing, it's got about a 7 to 10 year service life. Give 'em a call and talk to one of their supervisors about it



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