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Sun Nuclear 1027 with Windows 8??

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You might have to force the system manager to see a USB port as a real Hardware port like COM1 not a virtual port like COM9 and up . I had a problem with the 1028 connection and it ended up being the virtual port enumerator assigning COM ports numbers like 9 -15 to USB ports. The SunNuclear software was programmed to recognize ports numbers that high. When I assigned COM1 to the USB controller, it took care of the problem. It looks like the SunNuclear software has been upgraded since then because it now accepts COM9.Check with SunNuclear for available software upgrades

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Thanks all- the COM port reassignment worked... in fact Sun Nuclear has a video on their site describing the process, I just never looked deeply enough. Had it all working for a day or two and my HP laptop now doesn't turn on! I'm sure they are not related, but what a pain in the ***. Arg.

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