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Majestic fireplace

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Today's job had one of those creepy gas fireplaces w/ceramic logs & glass on 3 sides & a wood top; the thing stuck out into the room like a kitchen counter peninsula.

It's on an interior wall; the vent goes up, turns 90 degrees into the adjacent stud cavity, takes another 90 vertical about 9 feet, takes another 90 & goes about 14 feet to vent out the sidewall @ the 2nd story rim joist. The only part of the vent I could see was the outlet; all the pipe is buried in the wall & ceiling. The vent outlet looks like standard direct vent 3" pipe.

I've been to the Majestic website, but can't find model #360DVS3 RN; they don't seem to make it, which is odd because this house is brand new.

My concern is the length of vent & all the bends; this is a development by a bunch of Russians that don't seem to know squat about anything else, so I'm thinking the vent may be another of their improvisations.

Anyone got any good ideas, or know how to find something @ the Majestic website, 'cuz I can't seem to.

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Homenspector, that's funny [:-eyebrow

No recall; good thought though.

A guy (Rich Farrell) on the ASHI board found it @ the Vermont Castings site; don't know why I couldn't.

It can have a couple 90's (surprising)& exit within 36" of the appliance, or (even more surprising) can go 20' horizontal but has to have a minimum 7.5' vertical rise in that run. IOW, there has to be a substantial upward slope on the pipe. I don't think this one is going to make it.

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