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Detail for foundation waterproofing

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I hope that this is in the right forum. I thought this was more water than structural foundation issue!

Anyway, note the attached detail. The basement has an existing membrane and existing drain mat.

In some areas, the drain mat is not extended all of the way up so that it would be under the sheet metal (in other words, the existing drain mat is not that tall - or stops at grade).

In the field I am seeing that the detail has been installed correctly but the drain mat is not actually adhered to the sidewall and is "loose". This leaves an area for dirt and water to make it come further away from the building and fail.

Am I overthinking - or should we change the detail on future buildings so that the drain mat is adhered to the new membrane? Perhaps the addition of more drain mat over the existing up to the point under the sheet metal?

What are your thoughts? Waterproofing is NOT my specialty.

Thank you for your insight!

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif _Detail1.jpg

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