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Pool electrocution lawsuit - not sure of the HI involvement, but via Google found his website and he advertises inspecting pool pumps and heaters

Four defendants are named in the lawsuit: Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc., the manufacturer of the light; All Florida Pool & Spa Center, a pool maintenance company; Gary B Electric and Construction Consultant, Inc., an electrical company, and Jorge Perez Enterprises, Inc., a home inspection company.

David Cohen, president of All Florida Pool & Spa, released a statement that said the company was saddened by the loss of Calder, but that ?we had no involvement in the construction, repair and installation of any mechanical, cosmetic and structural portions of this pool.?

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/06/24/4 ... rylink=cpy

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So, what caused the death? The bad transformer? The home inspector not asking for another "expert"? The electrician that wired the pool? The local inspector that gave the pool the permit to be used? The contractor that built the pool? Or, was it shit. As we all know, shit happens. Bad wiring, corroded connections, improper grounding/bonding, whatever. This is why we have E&O. This is why we need to charge a fee commensurate with our liability. This is why we need to "tell it like it is" without flowers. Tell the realtwhore to get a pool expert to do a separate inspection. I am truly sorry about the loss of this child. He may have, one day, become our president.

I relate to this tragedy because I have an inground pool and my grandkids swim here on a regular basis.

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Maybe fresh water should be prohibited in all residential pools served by electrical equipment of any type.

The human body conducts better than fresh water and so ends up carrying the current. It's doesn't conduct better than salt water so the salt water carries the current instead, bypassing the body.

So who do the lawyers blame for that oversight? Ain't that what prosecutin' is all about? Pointing the finger?


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