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And now for a little entertainment!!!

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You caught some of it. Check out numbers 5, 14 and 15 as they exit the door. Number 5 spins like a top and when his chute opens you can see his risers are all twisted up and his canopy is half collapsed. When he looked up and saw that he needed to reach up over his head, spread those risers with both hands and do his best imitation of someone peddling a bicycle - and he had to do it really fast - because they're making an equipment training jump with about 60 lbs of equipment and weapons carriers and from 1500 ft. they've got about 20 to 30 seconds before they hit the ground. With that chute and the extra weight, they'll hit the ground doing about 32 to 34 fps. What would be really cool would be a films showing them burning into the DZ with their legs spread, running with the wind, and lousy PLFs that literally make them bounce when they hit. Hee, Hee.

I can swear to it but it looks like the training DZ at Ft. Benning (Red dirt and lots and lots of beach quality sand as I recall - looks like water from the air but it's not.).

That's a C123. The only place you see folks training with C123s anymore is at Benning. They've got two sticks in there with about 20 troops to a stick jumping both sides of that aircraft. The hands on top of the reserve instead of firmly planted on the ends to protect the reserve and the reserve pull handle is a tipoff that they're new. Look at their ankles and knees; maybe four or five guys out of each stick gets decent elevation and keeps their feet and knees together and their heads tucked. The rest look like rag dolls.

The prop wash from a C123 is pretty bad. If you don't get up and out far enough you end up counting the rivets down the fuselage as you bounce off it.

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