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CSST gas piping, shut offs


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This CSST piping is installed outside, albeit for only a couple of inches until it enters the house through an old exhaust.

From what I have read this pipe can not be installed on the exterior. And cannot not go through an exterior wall?

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Also, it appears that gas lines have been added or modified. Does anyone off hand know if these shut off valves are OK? I don't know of anything wrong with having valves like this outside, but something doesn't seem right. The gas appliances all have correct shut offs.

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I don't see any issues with the CSST installation; I'm not aware of any manufacturer's prohibiting its use outdoors. The most common defect I see on exterior installations is missing yellow jacket material @ the nut; any of the exposed steel must be wrapped with an approved tape.

The valves appear to be typical ball valves, and should be fine.

The pipe must be at least 3.5" above grade-- I can't tell from the picture if the required clearances have been met.

Utilities have their own bypass requirements, so I won't comment from a utility standpoint on this one. The gas fitter was no expert, but this seems to be more of the rule than the exception these days. If it isn't leaking.......

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