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Signed Artwork ???

Nolan Kienitz

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A Rube Goldberg piece of art that just kept on giving ...

It started here (note slip of "green tag" from City of Dallas at top of W/H):

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44.74 KB

Plumber "signed/dated" graphic of his artwork:

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37.8 KB

And on it went (good labeling anyway):

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46.55 KB

Quick drain ... no sense in slowing things with a trap:

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35.58 KB

Quick run along wall to garage exterior:

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33.37 KB

Almost to the exterior wall now:

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58.28 KB

Whew ... now it's outside on the dog run:

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52.16 KB

Finally ... there's the drain, below the dog's fireplug:

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48.78 KB

Plumbing seemed to be key in this property ... Master Bath toilet backed up nicely into adjacent shower pan ... [:-crazy]

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