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Worth getting my house tested?

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Hello I am a first time member on this website.

For the past 6 months I have had various incidents where being at home in certain areas has made me sick. My kitchen and my room. My entire kitchen feels heavy, so much I have to cover my mouth to not inhale whatever it is. Sometimes my room smells like medicine. There is a vent right outside of my kitchen that leads to my room. The house also feels very awkward and odd to anybody who used to come over, this is new.

The Effects:

Most of the time it feels like I am going to pass out or go insane. I become very anxious and quickly paranoid with almost delusional ocd about nothing. Sometimes if I eat I want to continuously go and eat which gets me sicker and sicker. Probably due to all this paranoia. [^]

Nothing found with a carbon monoxide detector.

My parents believe nothing is wrong, however, they have various medical conditions and take many pain killers so there judgment and willing to do anything about it is out of the picture...[:-paperba

What could this be and how do I identify it. How do I at least bulletproof my room from this hazard and take measures to figure out what exactly it in the air is. I hope you guys ask away and maybe someone could guide me. I have thought it was the water supply so I bought two new filters for the bathroom, as well as covered up the wall outlets in my room.

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It sounds like you have symptoms where a highly competent medical professional is the best person to talk to. We're just a bunch of home inspectors.

It might be something in your house, or it could be any of a thousand or more physical ailments. Beware anyone shooting from the hip about mold or anything else.

Ok....how old is your house?

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I'm mildly interested in this because I have an ill defined theory about people's relationship to their house causing, at times, some form of craziness usually spelled with an "-otic" at the end. So, yeah, a psychiatrist might be useful.

Folks often transfer dis-ease with life to the box they're living in.....the house as foil to an otherwise decent existence.

My advice? Get the **** out of the house. Travel. Go to China; it's so weird one can't help but feel alive and engaged. Go anywhere. Hanging around looking for causation in an inanimate enclosure goes nowhere. If you stay in the box, you'll drive yourself nuts. Get out. Now. Pick flowers, breath fresh air. You live in San Francisco for chrissakes, the juiciest city on Earth. Get out into it.

There. Problem solved. Next.....

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