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Flim Flam FLOAM!


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In a moment of Christmas spirit induced poor judgement, I attempted to order the toy FLOAM after seeing my kids go ga-ga over the commercial.

Floam is a Pla-doughesque modeling clay thingy. I figured it would be a cool crafty thing that all my kids could play with over the winter break.

I went to their website where they had the product on sale for $19.95. You could get an additional 2 tubs for $5, so I figured what the heck. Shipping guaranteed before Christmas was another $4.95 so I bit on that. Then the "tools" were another $10. Ok, for about 40 bucks, I could have a gift from Santa that all the kids would enjoy.

I checked the appropriate boxes, gave my CC, and hit OK. Usually you'll get a preview of your order to verify that you got everything right, but not here! The next screen showed my order was being processed for $80 They double ordered the original product and charged $25 shipping!

I hit their customer service button and all it was was a non-toll free number. I called about 15 times and the line was busy. On the 16th shot it rang, I waited on hold for 45 minutes, only to be told that I just called the warehouse and there was nothing I could do. I promptly called my CC company and they could only put a "hold" on my card so nothing would go through.

Then we "googled" FLOAM, which I should've done in the first place. What a POS! http://www.epinions.com/kifm-Toys-All-R ... y_~reviews

I should've known better when I saw the "AS SEEN ON TV" logo. I'm a stupid, stupid, man...

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Sorry to hear you got bit, bud. thanks for the warning.

My wife used to get suckered by a company that pitched itself as a "handicapped employer". They sold lite bulbs, cleaning fluids, trash bags, etc. all of marginal quality and way overpriced and preying on your sense of charity and magnanimity.

Once you bought something they put you on their "marks" list and the calls would be ever more frequent. When I began to ask them for info after a few hits on my wife's generosity, they clammed up. About the third time my wife refused their pitches, they got ugly with her, cursed her, and told her they hoped she had a rotten day!

That's the last technique I think for such sharks. If they can't get your soft spot, then they try to put you down to make try and buy their forgiveness.

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