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What is an EHP Inspection...???


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I am an Insurance Inspector; and finally landed my dream job working as a Vendor directly for an Underwriter (prior to which, I was an independent working for a vendor, who made an outlandish profit on my inspections...decided to eliminate the middle man; & here I am).

They have given me a request for my first interior inspection, which they are calling an EHP. I assumed it was an Environmental Health something-or-other, but have not been able to locate any resources on the web.

Was hoping someone here could help me out & point me to some standard available form

(as was the case w/ their first request for an MSB Valuation, which I was able to research on line, finding a formula-based report form from Marshall & Swift/Boeckh at CoreLogic)...with the EHP request, I haven't been able to find anything.



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