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Sumpro keeping it dry


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I finally purchased a Sumpro unit for battery backup for my sump pump. The instruction say that it should be on a stand because warranty is void if it gets wet. I was going to stack it on top of some cinder blocks, which are typically about 8 inches tall. However, the vendor recommended at least 12 inches off the floor. I am a bit puzzled by 12 inches.

1. Is there usually a code for battery backup devices on how they are required to be installed?

2. Why 12 inches? The vendor would not say except that it is recommended height for keeping it dry. I think if the basement ended up with a foot of water, the sumpro is probably not going to help. Even it if the power goes out and the primary and backup sump pump dies, it would probably not fill up with 1 foot of water.




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Congrats, good idea.

1) There is no code I can think of.

2) Who knows why 12 inches? The CEO of the company grew up on the banks of a river maybe? 

It won't be hard to add 4 more inches to your concrete block footing. Some 2X4's on edge and a piece of plywood.

They don't want to replace it and you want to keep it dry.


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