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mold and mildew

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Agreed, just make sure that you are venting them all the way to the outside and not simply hanging the end of the exhaust duct connected to that fan under one of the jack vents or aiming it at one of the intake vents in the frieze blocking between rafters at the eaves. Make sure you install a rain cap with a male extension through the roof, use insulated ducting and then securely clamp that duct to the extension on the rain cap so that 100% of that moist air gets to the outside. If you don't do that, in this climate you can expect mold/rot trouble with the roof plane in a year or two.



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One other suggestion especially in new house construction. Be careful of high cfm vans in homes with limited or no make up air. These fans have the ability to draw down enough air that the house will try to make it up through other means and that is typically through vents you do not want air being drawn back into houses through (i.e. furnace and hot water heater venting). You may end up trading one problem for another.

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