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Question About Side Discharge Heat Pump


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We need to replace a split heat pump system. Because of new codes it much now be a side discharge unit. One supplier quoted me a price for a 2 ton 14 Seer Daikin (DZ14SA0251) and said it was a side discharge system.  Another supplier provided an estimate for an 18 Seer 2 Ton system.  When I asked him also quote the 14 Seer system, he said that Daikin does not offer a 14 Seer side discharge system.  I called Daikin customer support and they were of no help whatsoever.  I am hoping someone can help me.  Thank you i advance.



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This is what I've found:


If this is what you want, call your vender and tell him you want this model number. Make sure it matches the model number on the box when he brings it to your house.  Don't let him install it nor pay him one red cent unless it"s right.


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