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Mold in AC Unit

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Hi @all. In my apartment we noticed in our AC closet that there is mold. We are not sure if this comes from the AC itself (AC is almost 15 years old) and changing the AC and the pipes going to the AC would fix that problem. Since all other areas are ok. We downloaded an app to see potential moisture but all looks good except for the AC closet and the closet behind the AC closet. I have attached pictures to it. We are not sure if just an AC replacement would do that or if other things need to be changed. 




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An AC indoor section is a place where cold surfaces cause moisture to condense and form water.  Mold spores are microscopic and everywhere so all that it takes for it to grow anywhere is sufficient moisture.  Your AC closet likely has mold on it's walls because a high moisture source is there and there isn't enough ventilation when the AC isn't running to dry it out quickly enough.  Before the new AC is installed in the closet, get in there and clean off the walls with paper towels and a bottle of Tilex.  Try to alter your AC installation so that it has ventilation at all times, especially when it isn't running, so it can dry out promptly. You'll likely still get some mold growth but perhaps not as much.  Clean it with Tilex once in a while. I'm an AC tech and my AC was once in a closet, so I took out two walls of the closet, suspended the AC by the plenum from the ceiling and now it's in the laundry room. The only mold growth related to it is on the primary drain pan of the cooling coil.  I clean it once in a while. Takes less than a minute:


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44 minutes ago, richardbreiter said:

Thanks for the detailed answer. Do you think one of the cause is that it is in an enclosed closet? 



I think one of the causes is that the closet doesn't have adequate ventilation.  Moisture level soar when there's no ventilation.

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